Stamp - USPS 150th Anniversary of Transcontinental Railroad

Stamp - USPS 150th Anniversary of Transcontinental Railroad charges $1 for every barter. 


Three new stamps in a pane of 18 mark the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad, a massive engineering feat that reduced travel time across the country from as much as 6 months to about 1 week and made the American West an integral part of the nation. Two different stamps feature the Jupiter and the No. 119 locomotives that powered the trains carrying the officers and guests of two train companies to the “Golden Spike Ceremony,” which was held when the two rail lines were joined at Promontory Summit in Utah.

  • Three stamps designs include Jupiter and No. 119 locomotives plus the third stamp that portrays the famous golden spike.
  • Always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate
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