Stamp - USPS Illinois Statehood

Stamp - USPS Illinois Statehood charges $1 for every barter. 


The stamp art is a graphic illustration featuring an outline of the state map with a series of yellow beams radiating upward like the rays of a rising sun.


The colors on the map begin at the bottom with a deep yellow, representing the sun. The color fades upwards to pale yellow and then into pale blue, with increasingly deeper blues rising to the top of the map; the yellows and blues reflect the dawning of a new day as the state joined the Union. 


At the top of the stamp, 20 stars — 10 on each side of the map — are arranged in triangular patterns, reminiscent of the state’s centennial flag. The stars represent the first 20 states in the Union; the rising sun symbolizes the new state’s place on the American flag as the 21st star.

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