Stamp - USPS New Tyrannosaurus Rex

Stamp - USPS New Tyrannosaurus Rex charges $1 for every barter. 


This is the new Tyrannosaurus Rex Pane of 16.


With this pane of 16 stamps in four designs, the U.S. Postal Service® brings the latest findings to light and, through action-enabling printing technology, vividly brings “the Nation’s T. rex” to life—some 66 million years after its demise.


Two of the stamp designs vividly portray “the Nation’s T. rex,” employing eye-catching lenticular printing, in which several images are divided into thin, alternating parallel lines and overlaid with a transparent film of long parallel lenses. Motion or 3D illusions result from changing the viewing angle. One animated design simulates a face-to-face encounter with a charging T. rex. The other shows the same young adult T. rex with a juvenile Triceratops; animation reveals each dinosaur in both fleshed-out and fossil forms. The other two stamps depict a newly hatched T. rex covered with downy feathers and a bare-skinned juvenile chasing a primitive mammal


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    Barter is a trade between two individuals who agree, before the barter, on the terms ahead of time in the form of agreeing to what to barter. If neither party, upon inspection of the items, is happy with the trade then they are not obligated to go through with the trade. Therefore, there is no return and refund policy given the ability to withdraw from the trade.


    Local trades only (for now). Inquire if you're interested in shipping in the continental US